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U.BAG - Fasina 2 Distressed Look

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The Fasina 2 is an update on the original beloved Fasina. The Fasina 2 is made from a slightly darker teal than the original. Despite the fabric's distressed look it is no less strong than any of the other U.BAGs made from paragliders. :)

THIS is a U.BAG and it might just make your life a little lighter. U.BAGs are made from ripstop nylon, cut from retired paragliders–you know–those giant kites that people attach themselves to, run off mountain sides, and float into the sky.

U.BAGs are easy to wear, ultra-light and tell an amazing story of a life spent gliding through the sky.

  • One metal swivel clasp
  • USA made nylon paracord strap - adjustable in length.

  •  Water resistant Direct-Recycled ripstop paraglider nylon.

  • 20cm wide (7.8inches) and 16cm deep (6.2inches)