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U.BAG - Lake Lucile

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This is the very first navy blue U.BAG, so I had to make the most classic of combinations, navy blue and mustard yellow. This bag feels retro and sporty like wearing your old swim team's colors or like matching your socks to your roller skates.

This crossbody bag is cut from a retired paraglider no longer safe enough to fly. U.BAGs are just big enough for a large phone, a small billfold, keys and mask. Designed for men and women. Handcrafted in Berlin, Germany and Budapest, Hungary.

  • One metal swivel clasp
  • USA made nylon paracord strap - adjustable in length.

  •  Water resistant Direct-Recycled ripstop paraglider nylon.

  • 20cm wide (7.8inches) and 16cm deep (6.2inches)