TheVIVgoods is a micro fashion brand run by TheVIV, out of our studio in Berlin, Friedrichshain. We design by the rule, that all products must be made from either 80% natural fibers or 80% recycled materials. We often surpass this benchmark.

Local sourcing

U.BAG Paragliders are sourced from local flying communities and the zippers and clasps are made in Germany.

Made in europe

All of our products are either produced by us in Berlin or by our production partner and friend Anna founder of Pink Ponilo, in Budapest Hungary.

Recycled packaging

All of our shipping and packaging materials are made from recycled materials. The only plastic we use is the thread on our hang tags which is cut from the lines of the paraglider.

Choose to reuse

U.Bags are made from Nylon, a synthetic fiber made of polymers, which don't break down easily and account for about 10% of the debris in the ocean.

By purchasing a U.BAG you are giving these paragliders a second life away from the landfill. 

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Questions about our sustainable practices?

We always welcome your inquires and suggestions! Send us an email at